Pablo Curiel

Pablo Curiel  played a critical role in helping obtain over 250 million dollars for Strathcona Energy Group (SEG), a Canadian-based holding company specializing in vertically integrated solutions for the next generation of photovoltaics. An estimated 85 million dollars from the funding budget was allocated to the completion of the construction of new solar technologies and other various solar projects. It is estimated thatconstruction will take around 18 months to be completed.

 Pablo Curiel also states that part of the funding will go towards the construction of smart energy systems, renewable energy EPC services, as well as manufacturing support for project-specific delivery. Strathcona Energy Group is thrilled with its new-found relationship with 1784 Capital Holdings, who explicitly understands the need for the construction of new solar technologies.

 Not only has Pablo Curiel been a key participating element in structuring 250 million dollar finance facility for Strathcona in Canada, he also acted as a Developer and Builder in over 2000 residential solar projects spanning 3 states. Pablo Curiel is an advocate for the growth of alternative energy available to companies, buildings, and personal homes around the world. A master of multiple projects, Pablo Curiel has structured capital for 15 commercial solar projects in 2015, each succeeding more than the last.